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Jennifer Johnson founder of SóL Visors

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is a health and wellness innovator from Manhattan Beach, California.

8 years ago after getting a laser treatment Jennifer’s face became very sensitive to the sun and her battle with having an even skin tone began. Since then she’s done facials, peels, resurfacing lasers, special diets, vitamins, but nothing has lasted. Being devastated yet determined to find a way to enjoy the sun she started wearing large hats and face visors while out in the sun. The visors promised to be UPF 50+ meaning they protect 98-100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays but when dark spots continued to resurface after treatments, she questioned the efficacy. She had them tested and her suspicions were correct and those $30 visors she bought on Amazon allowed 40% UV transmittents, which is equal to no protection. She later learned that it was actually worse than no protection, not only because she falsely believed she could enjoy the sun but also because when your pupils are in the shade/darker atmosphere they open up to receive more light so by having the false protection, even more damage was being done that had there been no protection at all. That was when Jennifer knew she had to create quality visors she could trust to protect her and YOU from harmful UV damage and SóL Visors was conceived. 

Knowing she wanted to make a difference in the world and be able to help people on a mass scale Jennifer went back to school and earned her MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School where she specialized in Entrepreneurship and Dispute Resolution. In addition to helping YOU she also has a passion for sustainability which led her to be a part of Net Impact which she served as President for 2-years and was 1 of 6 to earn her SEER Certificate. This led to our Save the Boxes "beyond" eco packaging initiative here at SóL Visors. We not only use all recyclable materials but actually reuse boxes from our neighborhood in order to fulfill orders. This means that when you purchase a product from us you are contributing to helping to heal the environment not negatively impact it! Curious about our ecological mission and why it matters? Check out our ECO Mission Statement.



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