Why SóL?

Sól Visors is a company founded by a California beach girl who was swimming before she could talk, needless to say a lot of UV exposure was had! Once learning the facts: UV radiation causes hyperpigmentation, sun spots, 80% of wrinkles (by weakening skin elasticity, damaging collagen fibers), as well as skin cancer and all the other harmful effects of UV radiation she went on a mission to reverse her skin damage and prevent future injury. After being unsuccessful in finding effective, fashionable, and healthy products, she decided to create her own and SóL Beauty USA was born! Being committed to staying naturally young and healthy, she wanted to create the best products that make the biggest difference! SóL Visors allow you to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and enjoy time in the sun while saving your skin from UV damage. 
SóL products combine protection and efficacy with style. SóL Visors are tested and approved according to ANSI (American National Standards Institute)  Z80.3 standards. They are certified UPF 50+ (via independent testing) and block 98-100% of UVA & UVB rays, the highest possible protection.  Protection you can trust!
Sól Visors are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and available in 4 unique and stylish custom colors. We offer three sizes and two band options. Our visors improve skin health by blocking 98+% of UVA/UBV rays, preventing formation of sun sports or melasma, and combatting premature aging. Our sun visors offer eye health by shielding the cornea and retina from UV radiation, combating cataracts and ocular melanoma, and wrapping around the eye to ensure no glare can filter in. All of our full sized visors improve germ health by shielding your eyes, nose, and mouth from viral droplets, providing an extra shield of protection, and keeping you from touching your face.
Sól Visors is committed to socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible business practices. With that goal in mind, all of our products are sent out in boxes that are not recycled but reused. This reduces the amount of trees cut down two-fold. Not only are we not creating "new boxes" we are also repurposing other boxes that would other wise just be recycled. This means you can feel good about your negative carbon imprint when ordering from us!  Even our packing tape is made from eco-friendly kraft paper, which means the box is actually recyclable, unlike most plastic-based packaging tape! Here at SóL Visors we are reducing the amount of boxes being created, reuse the boxes already out there and make it so you can recycle the packages you get from us!
Want to be a part of the mission to "Save the Boxes" in your neighborhood? Join the movement.


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