Love Yourself Squared: How to Perform a Self-Love Skin Cancer Exam.

Love yourself up while examining all of your skin for anything new, changing, or unusual. Self-Love SQUARED because it's paired! ;-)
Love Yourself Squared: How to Perform a Self-Love Skin Cancer Exam.

When I was reading up on skin cancer I saw how prevalent skin cancer is and how if detected early it is 99% survivable + smaller the removal the smaller the scar, I really wanted to set myself up powerfully to check myself. It's recommended by that you do a self-exam every month. My first thought was how can I make it fit in my schedule so it actually happens? As well as how can I make it the most enjoyable. Since multi-tasking is always high on my list I decided I could add it to my routine by making it a self-love skin cancer monthly exam. This entails combining gratefulness, affirmations, some massage as I inspect every inch of my body for anything that is new, changing, or unusual.

To ensure that my new blissipline happens I've added to my calendar in my phone on repeat monthly with an alert, starting TODAY! As you may know scheduling yourself in the calendar is essential for taking the time to actually do it. ;-)

I’ve attached my first go at an audio to play along while I examine myself...I'm sure it will evolve but the enemy of getting anything done is perfection! Feel free to play as you are giving yourself your self-exam, use whatever resonates with you, change out what doesn't or create your own affirmations.

My Personal Self-Love Skin Cancer Affirmation Audio

I truly believe that affirmations are powerful in communicating positive energy to my body and have seen what seems like magic in forms of healing. I hope you find affirmations as useful and are able to harness them to keep yourself happy and healthy. 

Create your own thank-you affirmations by writing something that you’re grateful for, for each part of your skin: 

  • Face:
  • Eyes:
  • Nose:
  • Cheeks:
  • Ears:
  • Lips:
  • Mouth:
  • Tongue:
  • Chin:
  • Neck:
  • Shoulders:
  • Arms:
  • Hands:
  • Fingers:
  • Chest:
  • Stomach:
  • Privates:
  • Hips:
  • Lower back:
  • Upper back:
  • Butt:
  • Thighs:
  • Knees:
  • Feet:
  • Toes:
  • Scalp:

Then recite your thank-you affirmations as you record yourself on "voice memos." This will allow your eyes to be focused on examining properly while doing your self-exam.

Bonus: you can listen to your recording during any activity— driving, skipping, showering, they even make doing household chores more fun and rewarding.

What do you do to ensure your self-exam happens? I love learning and sharing how to optimize everything in life. :-) 


Cover photo by De Andre Bush

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